January 18, 2020

Websites for Beginners

So, you have today many choices in website design. There are many “free” click and drag website creators out there. The thing is, with most, they are proprietary, they are non-transferable. So, if you pay for hosting with whoever, and use their website creator, then you and your site are “stuck” with them. If you decide to use cheaper or better hosting, you start over, from scratch. Even those sites that offer “free trial” same thing, if all works you are basically stuck with “them” as a host.

Our recommendation, get your own stand alone webhosting, most come with a self installer program which allows you to answer a few basic questions about yourself and your website intent, then the software automatically installs for you. Many of these CMS (Content Management Systems) also have access to a back up or import / export option. This allows you to relocate to a different server as needs, budget, or other circumstances change. AND, not lose your site or content. You can chose otherwise as we have recently, to just start over with a completely new design, however, this is not recommended for beginners (we have been online and coding for 20 + years…).

All CMS software that you may consider should have there own website so you can review available plugins, themes, and other options. Most current CMSs are free, as well as many add-ons, though there are also many paid for add ons. If you are a beginner, you are probably on a fairly restrictive budget, so check ahead if your chosen options within your chosen CMS are either free or available within your budget.

As always also, you can ask questions, most CMS sites have a help section, ask before you commit. You are also welcome to ask us here for help or advice, use our contact form at the top of page menu.

More to come shortly so please check back often, if you like what you read here please click on an advertisement and help support us.

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