learn to earn an online income

What happens after?

After this is all over, what do you do?

We would advise you keep going and keep trying. You may have less time to work online if you return to work. As we have said before, working online has no set schedule or time requirements. When you succeed, then as before and always, it is totally up to you which direction you continue with. If you make a few extra dollars, and want to continue, that is what we would advise. If you make as much or more as when you worked, then that is also up to you. We do not advise and never have that you quit work because you had one good month. The best advice is have three to six months of good income, at least, before you consider working online as a full time income.

Can you continue AND go back to other work?

YES! As we always say, there is no set time frame or schedule to work and earn an online income. If you are awake early and have some time work on an article, or researching. If you are awake in the middle of the night, do some work. If you work full time, spend a few minutes or more on your blog or website, or even just researching and learning. If you can spend more time, this should reflect in your income, unfortunately the reverse is also true. If you can spare a few minutes in your day, you can fill out a survey or two, this will more often than not, not make you rich, but it is a good supplemental income. Again, this is with no pre-set schedule or time frame. If you have an hour, then fill out more surveys, or mix surveys with research. Many times, we write half an article, then switch to a few surveys as a break (that earns additional income.

Some Choices.

There are several options available, right now, and after all this is over. Either way, we recommend that if you are investing time in learning to earn an online income, then continue. Do you spend time now and before on social media? Then integrate this with your online income, start a brand page for your web site or blog, integrate posts to include mention of your site. Add links back to your sites or blog. Follow other similar pages and posts and see what they are doing that you think may work for you and your brand. What about time watching online videos? This is another thing can translate into helping you learn to earn an online income. Saying this brings up another point though, do spend time with entertainment, do not have all of your online activities relate just to your income. Spend time with entertainment, but, what we advise is also spend time smiling and laughing. When you watch online videos, use some of that time to research say work online, and more. Again, do not specifically follow one or another method specifically. Keep your site yours.

Watching Television while working?

DO NOT DO THIS! We often listen to the radio while working online, but, if your favorite tv show comes on, then save your work, watch your show, then come back and continue. Try and set up your computer or lap top in a way that you can not even see your television. Ours here stare at a blank wall, yes, sounds boring, but, less distractions. Tried even facing the big window to outside but even that was a distraction. So, NO TELEVISION WHILE WORKING!

Do not force a Bad article!

My own “other” income involves casual and on call work, if I get a call in the middle of writing for ProWebZone, I save my work, go and do what needs to be done, and come back and continue. If you can spare a few minutes to write an article and get distracted, just save your work and come back when you can. As we have said previously also, do not force a bad article, no article is way better than a bad article. Just because some sites recommend say 5 or 6 articles per week, do not force a bad article. Spend time instead of writing a bad article but instead spend time researching and learning. Time spent, but not always, improving your SEO is also a good idea.

Have fun and make your site yours!

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