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What if you do not want to write or post articles?

Not a Problem!

There are many ways to earn an online income. You can open your own online store using your own or other products. If you re-sell for someone else, you will probably be paid by commission so more sales = more income. You can do other activities such as filling out online surveys. You can start your own online classified site, and this can be general, community based, or even specialized. There are many plugins available that are easy for anyone to configure. You can even just use resources to collect rebates based on shopping that you already do.

Your own store, with none of your own stock?

There are many ways to start your own online store with or without your own stuff to sell. You can re-sell for others and earn an online income in the form of a commission. A popular service we use on other site is:

start your own online store and earn an online income

Share a sale:

Yes, this approach is best with your own website, though, there are also many free options available. Or you can just add links and see what happens, add links to your blog or other personal sites. If you can afford a domain name and web hosting, that will be better and easier, but if you can not afford this don’t worry. There are many other options that are similar, use a search engine and look up “affiliate programs”.

Your own Classifieds?

There are many options available to running your own online classified site. You can set up just in your local area, which is recommended to reduce competition. You can specialize in a particular niche, your own corner of the internet. You can earn an income by advertisers, either local or via a service. You can earn an income by charging for advertisement listings. Your own online classified is also easy to set up and customize. You can find a free content management system (CMS), then just add a free plugin, follow the set up process, customize to suit your desire. All can also be done with no coding required, simply answer some simple questions and that is that.

You can also look online through a search engine for other ideas. We would still like if you continue to read our own articles, to enhance your online income potential.

All is Your Choice, Your site is YOURS

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