January 18, 2020

What if you get writers block? Other ways to earn an online income!

We have said many times over, do not force a bad article just because you “should” write. It is o/k to skip a day or two or more. Obviously with no new articles, your site will lose some income, but, there are alternatives. You can still earn an online income without having to post a bad article just because everyone says you should.

Maybe you are busy with something else, maybe family commitments, maybe you have no ideas or even may just not want to write. This is all okay.

You are the boss of you!

So, if you for whatever reason are having a break from writing, how do you replace that income? Or better, what if you are writing and want a break? Why not earn an online income from other means?

There are many things to do to earn an online income, even for beginners, apart from writing articles. One thing to try if you are not already doing this is online surveys. We have our favorites, they make for a good break from writing, and earn an online income. See some more on this HERE.

Another, though less direct way to enhance your online income is by doing research. Some examples of this would be:

  • Research your subject matter, become even more of a subject matter expert
  • Research your competition, see what they are writing about, get ideas
  • Watch training videos, learn more about your CMS, learn more about learning to earn an online income
  • Do keyword research, simply type keyword research into a search engine and explore
  • Do random research online, learn more about anything
  • Research your own online presence, look for back link opportunities.
  • Guest post to other blogs, establish yourself as a subject matter expert but, Brand everything!

There are many ways to continue to earn an online income without having to post always. Do not write a bad article because you were told you have to! Earn an online income in any of many other ways!

And remember:


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