January 18, 2020
Learn to earn an online income, what not to do!

What not to do, online, as a beginner learning to earn an online income.

Going over some not to do stuff, from experience based training!

Copy and paste is a definite not to do! Even when re-posting your own articles elsewhere, change some of your articles, that will help with your SEO efforts. Even if you change the order of a few words and phrases, you may get lucky and find the search engine algorithms are more favorable. It may be one word or phrase that stops you, so, when you re-post elsewhere, swap out a few words and phrases. If you do this and find something that works better, then learn and evolve. Run with what works for you

Do research by reading other blogs and articles on you subject matter, but, only to get an idea for your own personalized content. Take some ideas from others, but do not copy them, make those articles your own. Re-write articles in your own words, your site should be yours. Your readers are there for not only what you write about, but also, for your writing style.

If you look at search engine results page for your own subject matter, yes, see what keywords are working for them, but, make your own keywords your own. Search for things relevant for your own articles, see what “they” are doing for better results, learn to earn. Let your site and your own knowledge evolve!

Do not take someone else’s ideas and re-post, take several competitors articles and ideas, and combine them into your own articles.

Not only see what works for you and your competition, but also note how they appear to be making an online income. See who they use for advertisers, and sign yourself up. If things work for you, your online presence, and you earn an online income, then adjust and evolve, and increase your online income.

Learn what works for you, your site, and your readers. Adjust and evolve to increase you own online earnings potential.

And as always remember:


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