November 13, 2019
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Why do we not tell you what to do or not?

In case you do not know or are new here, we have reasons for not telling our readers what specifically to try or do or not do…

If you are a new reader or member here you may not yet know this, but, as much as possible we do not mention anything specific for you to do or not to do. We point you in a certain direction, and make general suggestions. We give you ideas and options.

We do a lot of online research, we learn what does and does not work. Part of this evolution is learning new ideas, updating your knowledge. We try pretty much all that we may suggest and as such do not recommend you try or do something that we can not verify as legitimate. Often when a new idea comes across this desk, we do a general search for a term, and see what results we get. There are often and usually multiple windows open on the monitors here. We take the parts that we agree with from multiple sources, including competing websites, reading ebooks and white papers. Offline research is also a good idea, even if you just skim through books at you library.

When we point you in a general direction, as we always say, the rest is up to you. Your website, content and ideas are what you decide. Many sites want you to sign up for their specific and often step by step instructions, follow their links to advertisers, do exactly what they tell you. We do not charge, all of our experience based advise is free for all. You do not even have to become a member to see all of our articles.

Our intention is give you the information and background you need to start to learn to earn an online income. We suggest take what of our advice you want, but, also look at other sites for other views and alternate information. It is good if you are new here to click on the subject menu at the top of our pages and at least skim over some older articles especially if you want to learn more about a certain topic.

We are here to help beginners, we do not try and get all technical with our readers, we have other sites for that. We try and explain the ideas our articles present in a fairly plain user friendly format.

Thank you for being here and reading our articles

And Remember, HAVE FUN

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