online income and mental stressors

Working from home through such as PTSD, depression, anxiety or similar.

Whether this is a new and current situation condition or long term, you can learn to earn an online income!

One of the main advantages to earning an online income is that there is no specific time frame or schedule. When you can – DO, when not, you can do research, learn more about either your website or field. When you are bored and have nothing to write about, fill in some paid for opinion based surevys, sample services that are free are HERE.

As someone with PTSD I can directly tell you, you can learn to earn an online income. An online income can fit into any schedule or time frame. If you are wide awake at 3 am, then write an article and post, or do some subject matter research. Learn what your competitors are doing differently, you are probably online anyway so why not turn that online time into an online income?

Time & Involvement + more profit, but…

As we always say, the more time you CAN spend on earning an online income, the more you should make. The issue is that sometimes schedules and other work can restrict how much time you can spend earning an online income. This is not a problem, but, you will find more time is better. Saying this, even a few hours every few days can provide a substantial supplemental income. If you make enough online, then maybe you can quit and concentrate more, but, do not do this after 1 good month.

So, depression often comes and goes….

You will find that the more time you spend working online the more you will make. Saying this though, if depression is on a low, then you can choose to not do online work. If you have no energy, you can do online surveys that range from 5 minutes up, so when you can, do, but do not let this add to stress or worry. Some online survey we use are HERE.

Anxiety and working online.

A lot of therapy for anxiety, again by personal experience, involves distraction. Writing online articles, doing online surveys, and in general earning an online income all is good as a distraction. This can be relaxing if you do not worry about time spent or scheduling or anything. Do what you can on your own terms, but, more will equal more, but even for a supplemental income this works. If you can turn away your anxiety by distraction, then why not turn that distracted time into an online income?

Your Site is YOURS, Your Schedule is YOURS and Your site is YOURS

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