World Wide Web, Internet, and even Dark Web

World Wide Web, internet, dark web

Chris Young

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Chris Young

So, you have probably heard all the terms in this posts title, yet most people confuse one with the next and the definitions over time get very grey.  We are here to help beginners and as such will explain what each aspect really is and hopefully you will follow and at least have a better idea of what goes into which.

First off, the world wide web, this is actually what you mostly see and use when YOU are online.  The world wide web does in fact “use” a lot of internet based sciences to get you what you see (TCP/IP, to be explained further in the future).  You are in fact only using a very small, tip of a huge iceberg, part of what is available “online”.  So, what most today refer to “the internet” is in fact “the world wide web”.  That is all, a very small part, but, what you mostly see when you are online.

The internet is a whole long story that we will try here to explain in plain english hoping you can realize the actual extent and potential power.  The internet started out as a US military communications network that was back in the cold war era.  The original concept was to be able to communicate across most of the USA even if a russian nuclear device took out part of this original network.  There were built in redundancies and the ability to re-route messages around compromised parts of the network.  Eventually ( and yes, moving quite a ways forward fairly quickly for the sake of simplicity) this evolved and was used by several universities in and around mostly California.  A large amount of programming took place fairly quickly and this network evolved, though, still keeping mostly within an academic environment.  Of note here is this original system used terminals for data entry, you can see similar in older movies, the green writing on the black screen.  There was no graphic interface for users as in the world wide web and “modern” browsers.  Eventually business and then individuals were able to add themselves (well, back then, be added) to this evolving network.  Though with much evolving, the basic original networks are still kind of in use today.  This was and is the actual “internet”.

And lastly, what is now called the dark web.  The original public internet used the similar terminal interface and was able to be used for text based gaming, forums, and emailing.  What has evolved is a far way from the original dark web, nowadays there is a graphical interface.  What is commonly referred to as the dark web is actually just another area of the current world wide web.  There is a general sense of anonymity, and as such, there is a large amount of questionable content.  If you have no experience, try and avoid the dark web as it can be quite scary as most of what you have heard can be found there, probably can, and is probably not the worst you will find there.


So, stay happy, stay productive, learn to earn, and stay on the internet you know!






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