January 18, 2020
complete online presence

Your TOTAL Online Presence!

Part of online branding includes your total online presence! You have to review your total online business and personal presence!

As you may have read here before, your online branding efforts have to be complete, insert your brand everywhere possible. When you use email try not to use generic emails, use domain name email. When you guest post or publish an article, use your website name and where possible link back to your own site. Try to get your domain name out as much as possible.

As per the title of this article though, you also have to manage all of your online activities. This must include your own personal online activities such as social media. We have all seen older posts to social media haunt politicians lately. We do strongly recommend that you review your social media posts and delete anything contrary to your sites intents. Older posts (or current ones) can reduce your online reputation as a subject matter expert, as an authority in your niche.

You have to first believe in your own products or services, if you do not, how should your customers react? Monitor search engines for reviews of your site or products or services, address any issues. As much as your good intents at being a good and recognized brand in your area, one or more bad reviews can reduce your effectiveness. If you have personally evolved in your beliefs over the past even years, then remove any older posts, even personal, that conflict your own personal and your branding intents.

Unfortunately with the current state of social media this may include either hiding posts or even deleting those that post to your social media in a manner not conducive to your online branding efforts. We are not saying to unfriend people or individuals who are your friends, just keep an eye on posts and shared information. Make sure even on your personal pages, that all reflects the values and intents of you brand.

In personal posts, reflect your brand, reflect your brands values, even link and share your posts or articles to your own personal online social media presence. Our main point is that if you want to succeed online, and establish your self as an information authority regarding your niche, than make sure your entire online presence reflect this.

As there are many niches and many potential followers, even if you have an adult or gambling or similar site, then this can be reflected in your presence. What we mean by that, if you have general rated content then watch what you post or share. If you have older content that may include use of expletives then that should be o/k; just monitor your current and desired audience for appropriate materials and content. This may include such as modifying your accepted advertiser content, if you have no adult content then modify your advertiser settings to not include inappropriate content.

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